Vector Collision Analysis has highly qualified members to assist you
in your investigations.

Providing accident and incident reconstruction, 3D forensic animation
and a variety of other services to the
Mid Atlantic region.

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ImgCrash & Crime Reconstruction Services

From onsite to expert witness testimony.
ImgForensic 3D Animation

Crash and crime scene animations.
ImgOccupant Kinematics

Analysis of the movement of vehicle occupants at the moment of impact.

Vector Collision News and Tips

Seatbelts save lives!
Seatbelts and child restrainsts save lives ...

Don't drink & drive!
Plan a safe way home if your social plans include alcoholic beverages ...

Slow down and arrive safe.
Speeding was a contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes in 2012 ...

Focus on driving
At any given daylight moment across America, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving ...

Vector Collision Analysis has the knowledge and expertise to crash and crime reconstruction, expert opinion, 3D forensic animation services and more...


ImgExpert Witness

We are court qualified as expert witnesses and have given testimony at all court levels and jurisdictions.

Crash Data

Black Box Downloads as well as Heavy Vehicle EDR (Event Data Recorder) Data Preservation & Analysis.


3D Crash

Impact analysis used to test possibilities, opposing expert work and as work check.

ImgAccident Investigations

Our crash investigations include passenger vehicles and highway heavy vehicle accidents.