Court-accepted Forensic 3D Animations

It is advantageous to have the same investigator also provide your animations. This court-accepted evidence is available for auto, crime scenes, industrial, insurance and workplace incidents. We have worked on thousands of incidents and provide all the necessary documentation for any case. 

Auto Accident Investigations

Motor vehicle accidents are not always thoroughly investigated by police, yet proper information is essential to ensure fairness for settlement or litigation. Vector Collision Analysis investigates, documents, and photographs the scene and vehicles and provides expert witness testimony. You will find it advantageous that your investigator is also able to provide 3D forensic animation as well, using the most state-of-the-art software available. Our Investigators are available 24/7 for critical response and have the latest equipment to process the scene and vehicles.

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Tracie EcksteinCrime Scene Investigations

Reconstructing a crime scene using the latest in 3D animation technology is a very effective demonstrative and analytical tool. Investigators and expert witnesses can use the animation to analyze and investigate a crime scene months or even years after the crime. A professional 3D animation will create a crime scene in order to transport jury members back in time to view the crime as it actually happened. Jury members can view the crime from the accused criminal's point of view, a witness, or even from the victim's perspective.